Claiming years of professional experience in exporting world-class, ethically-sourced gemstones to the West, we have now embarked on a venture to offer the locals with impeccable and tailored wedding and engagement rings that are an epitome of elegance. Anchoring our diversified services on ethical sourcing, we ensure our exquisite gemstones cradle from conflict-free, traceable mines thus guaranteeing environmental friendliness sans child or forced labour.

However, if one were to explore the luxuries of a gemstone, attention should be drawn to four predominant elements classified as the ‘4 Cs’ — Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. The foremost element `cut‘ refers not to the shape taken by a gemstone but to its reflective qualities; the balance of proportion, symmetry and polish that need a magical touch of craftsmanship. This element determines how well light reflects and refracts. Another pivotal component needing scrutiny is ‘colour’ which is evaluated on hue, tone and saturation. Colour, however, refers to the natural body colour of the gemstone and not to the reflection of spectral colours. The price soars with the colour moving from moderate to intense. The next facet `clarity‘ deals with internal (inclusions) and external (blemishes) pristine characteristics of a gemstone that are often invisible to the naked eye. Fewer the impact, superior the gemstone. Lastly surfaces the most visually-apparent and objective-grade factor, `carat‘ that outlines the physical weight (not the size) of a gemstone. Hence, it is through these internationally-practiced standards that we at Aaraa & Aati attain excellence and vie to spearhead the competitive industry.

Rather than compromising on your day’s arrangements against off-the-shelf jewellery purchased instores, we offer you not a mere product or service, but an enthralling experience that lets you craft your own, tantalizing jewellery through our years of industrial know-how and professional acumen. We add value to the best moments of your life by carving finest and purest gemstones into the ring of your dreams. Our establishment is home to those who wish to treasure their life-changing milestones. Add meaning to your memorable events in life by discussing with us how best we could sculpture your ring to best suit your requirement. You may decide on a variety of metals and intricate designs to embed our precious gemstones.

Furthermore, our official website sets the platform to provide quotations after you feed in specifications. You shall be assisted to find the perfect combination that fits your budget. While we assure the delivery of the end product within a short spell of one week, note that prices will be subjected to the configuration of selected metals, gemstones and the layout of the final structure.

The brainchild of Aaraa & Aati are siblings Fahmy and Sumaiya, who sailed into this vocation after being inspired by the doyen of the local gem industry, Naleem Hajiar. Considered the Sri Lankan John D. Rockefeller, gem maestro Naleem Hajiar hailed from the rural hamlets of Beruwala and rendered yeoman services to the revolution of the industry. He empowered the youth to follow his footsteps as they witnessed the trade flourish through his philanthropy. Also noteworthy are the untiring efforts extended by vibrant personality Rifai Wahid who invested in this lucrative venture and aspired us to translate vision into reality.